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SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION. Membrane potential modulates plasma membrane phospholipid dynamics and K-Ras signaling.

Plasma membrane depolarization can trigger cell proliferation, but how membrane potential influences…

Published: Aug 21, 2015 in Science (New York, N.Y.)

Life Science / Nanomedicine / Neuroscience

Nanocapillarity-mediated magnetic assembly of nanoparticles into ultraflexible filaments and reconfigurable networks.

The fabrication of multifunctional materials with tunable structure and properties requires…

Published: Aug 03, 2015 in Nature materials

Life Science / Nanomedicine

Highly efficient large-area colourless luminescent solar concentrators using heavy-metal-free colloidal quantum dots.

Luminescent solar concentrators serving as semitransparent photovoltaic windows could become an…

Published: Aug 24, 2015 in Nature nanotechnology

Life Science / Nanomedicine

In situ Formation of Metal Oxide Nanocrystals Embedded in Laser-Induced Graphene.

Hybrid materials incorporating the advantages of graphene and nanoparticles have been widely…

Published: Aug 18, 2015 in ACS nano

Life Science / Nanomedicine

DNA-Assisted β-phase Nucleation and Alignment of Molecular Dipoles in PVDF Film: A Realization of Self-Poled Bioinspired Flexible Polymer Nanogenerator for Portable Electronic Devices.

A flexible nanogenerator (NG) is fabricated with a poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) film, where…

Published: Aug 05, 2015 in ACS applied materials & interfaces

Life Science / Nanomedicine

Plasticity and ductility in graphene oxide through a mechanochemically induced damage tolerance mechanism.

The ability to bias chemical reaction pathways is a fundamental goal for chemists and material…

Published: Aug 20, 2015 in Nature communications

Life Science / Nanomedicine / Virology

DEVICE TECHNOLOGY. Nanomaterials in transistors: From high-performance to thin-film applications.

For more than 50 years, silicon transistors have been continuously shrunk to meet the projections of…

Published: Aug 14, 2015 in Science (New York, N.Y.)

Life Science / Nanomedicine

Self-Assembled DNA Nanoclews for the Efficient Delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 for Genome Editing.

CRISPR-Cas9 represents a promising platform for genome editing, yet means for its safe and efficient…

Published: Aug 27, 2015 in Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)

Genetics / Life Science / Nanomedicine

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Novel chemical virus can cross double lipid layer surrounding cells to release drugs

Viruses are able to redirect the functioning of cells in order to infect them. Inspired by their…

Published: Aug 29, 2015

Apoptosis / Genetics / Life Science / Nanomedicine / Virology

Motion of supramolecular machines controlled through mechanical manipulation

NIMS MANA researchers found that molecular machines can be easily manipulated using very small…

Published: Aug 28, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

Designing bespoke nanomaterials for energy applications

anomaterials have the potential to play a central role in solving many of today's biggest…

Published: Aug 28, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

Researchers use DNA ‘clews’ to shuttle CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool into cells

Researchers have for the first time created and used a nanoscale vehicle made of DNA to deliver a…

Published: Aug 28, 2015

Cancer / Genetics / Life Science / Medicine / Microbiology / Nanomedicine

New technique to make drugs more soluble: System makes amorphous particles out of almost anything

Before Ibuprofen can relieve your headache, it has to dissolve in your bloodstream. The problem is…

Published: Aug 27, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

New catalyst may hasten commercialization of fuel cell vehicles

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory have developed a new fuel…

Published: Aug 27, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

University of Colorado and SRC Research Accelerates Microscopic Imaging for Next-Generation Nanoelectronics

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--University of Colorado researchers and SRC have…

Published: Aug 27, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

Solved: the mystery of why it’s impossible to pull apart interleaved phone books

People, trucks and even military tanks have tried and failed the task of pulling apart two phone…

Published: Aug 27, 2015

Dermatology / Life Science / Medicine / Nanomedicine

New theory leads to radiationless revolution

Physicists have found a radical new way confine electromagnetic energy without it leaking away, akin…

Published: Aug 27, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

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Window Material Can Let in Sunshine While Blocking Heat

Researchers have developed a material that could allow you to block the heat while still enjoying…

Published: Aug 27, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

Physics Week in Review: August 1, 2015

Folding graphene like origami, the physics of how cereal gets soggy, and left-handed W bosons are…

Published: Aug 01, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine / Neuroscience

Let’s Just Braille Out That Chemical Structure, Shall We?

Atomic force microscopy, a technique that has given us images of individual atoms and molecules, has…

Published: Jul 23, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

A homeopathic “debate” in BMJ? [Respectful Insolence]

Homeopathy is quackery. There, I’ve said it for the hundredth or even thousandth time, but I…

Published: Jul 15, 2015

Complementary Medicine / Evolution / Genetics / Life Science / Medicine / Microbiology / Nanomedicine / Virology

Plasmonics: revolutionizing light-based technologies via electron oscillations in metals

The beauty of stained glass – all down to electron oscillations. LoggaWigglerFor centuries,…

Published: Jun 22, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

Intelligent life in the universe? Phone home, dammit!

Who wouldn't want to hang with this guy? JD Hancock, CC BYWe’ve been conditioned by television…

Published: Jun 15, 2015

Genetics / Life Science / Nanomedicine

MinION conference continues

Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffI wrote about the first day of the conference here.…

Published: May 31, 2015

Genetics / Life Science / Nanomedicine

Two Days of MinION

Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffOxford Nanopore Technologies invented the MinION device…

Published: May 26, 2015

Genetics / Life Science / Nanomedicine

Physics Week in Review: April 25, 2015

Here’s a treat for fans of movies and the brain: an article called Strange Continuity.…

Published: May 19, 2015

Life Science / Medicine / Nanomedicine / Neuroscience / Radiology

Physics Week in Review: May 9, 2015

It’s back, baby! The Large Hadron Collider sees its first low-energy collisions after…

Published: May 19, 2015

Climate change / Earth science / Life Science / Medicine / Nanomedicine / Radiology

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R&D – Quantum Semiconductor Device Engineering/Physics

About Sandia Sandia National Laboratories is the nation's premier science and engineering lab for…

Posted: Aug 27, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

Assistant, Associate or Senior Editor (semiconductor physics)

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd, dedicated to serving the…

Posted: Aug 25, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

EMBL: Bioinformatician/Ontologist

Competitive Salary: EMBL: Bioinformatician/Ontologist Location: EMBL-EBI Hinxton,…

Posted: Aug 24, 2015

Bioinformatics / Life Science / Nanomedicine

EMBL – EBI: Bioinformatician/Ontologist – Hinxton near Cambridge

On application: EMBL - EBI: We are seeking to recruit an experienced Bioinformatician/Ontologist to…

Posted: Aug 23, 2015

Bioinformatics / Life Science / Nanomedicine


Job Description We are seeking to recruit an experienced Bioinformatician/Ontologist to work on…

Posted: Aug 21, 2015

Bioinformatics / Life Science / Nanomedicine

Research Associate in Chemical Biology

UCL Department of Chemistry Research Associate in Chemical Biology The appointment will be full time…

Posted: Aug 21, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

MPhil/PhD Vice Chancellor Scholarships

University of Greenwich - Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Environmental Sciences/ Life and Sports…

Posted: Aug 19, 2015

Cancer / Hypertension / Life Science / Medicine / Microbiology / Nanomedicine / Nutrition

Lecturer in Physiotherapy (2 posts)

Plymouth UniversitySalary: Not specified

Posted: Aug 19, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

PhD Research Fellowship in Physics IRIS/UiO

A 3 year PhD position is available with the title "Model the effects of pore fluid chemistry on…

Posted: Aug 18, 2015

Life Science / Nanomedicine

Junior Clinical Research Fellowships 2016

The Kay Kendall Leukaemia FundSalary: Not specified

Posted: Aug 18, 2015

Genetics / Hematology / Life Science / Medicine / Nanomedicine